until election day.

Gary Clift is a Liberty Republican running in California's 10th Congressional District. You can help him Balance our Budget, Protect our Liberties, and Restore the Powers guaranteed to the States by the 10th Amendment by donating $10, $25, $100 or more today!

Gary Clift is facing an incumbent who is very unpopular in the district which is neither a majority Democratic or Republican so the independents will be deciding this race. A recent Field Poll indicates that support for Democratic candidates in California has dropped 15 points between January and July of 2010. Additionally the incumbent beat his last Republican challenger by only 10% despite the fact that the Republican challenger didn't even have a candidate statement!

Gary Clift has a candidate statement in every county, a dedicated volunteer base, and you to help ensure another Liberty Republican makes it to Washington. Please donate for the money bomb, watch the videos below, and sign up to volunteer for Gary Clift's campaign for Congress.

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